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GroupRail to Winchester

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GroupRail to Winchester

Winchester City is packed with historic buildings, monuments and museums - all in a short walking area waiting for you to explore. Don’t worry, it’s not all walking there are some of the best country pubs in this area of the UK too.


You can’t miss the statue of King Alfred, you actually can’t it is pretty close to the centre and slap bang at the beginning of the one way street. Of course the amazing Winchester Cathedral can’t be missed either.


Winchester has a great range of independent and boutique shops scattered everywhere - venture down the cobbled high-street and explore for yourself.


Winchester is a perfect place to stay when your exploring the south of the UK. Not to far from neighbouring Southampton, Portsmouth or even the New Forest. Perfect place to find a quaint hotel or B&B and take the adventure on.


Winchester may be small but as we know, there can be more kick in the small things.. certainly true here. There is a terrific crowd at the bars and few notorious clubs in the city centre. The students and locals only know how to be welcoming and fun.


Some of the better pubs in the south of UK with great food on offer at The Black Rat..must for the foodies out there.

Get Creative

Home of some creative art students, there is always a free exhibition somewhere. Have a sneak around Winchester School of Art for a noisy at the latest young Warhols’ and Emins’.

To conclude, Winchester is a fun loving, warm and friendly place but don’t be fooled we know there is a lot to do here and you’ll love it.

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