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GroupRail to Nottingham

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GroupRail to Nottingham

Steeped in history and legend, Nottingham city is an easily accessible and charming destination that provides myriad activities and adventures for visitors of all ages.


It would be a crime if we didn't recommend a trip to the magnificent Wollaton Hall. Home to the city's natural history museum, Wollaton is sure to satisfy any cultural and architectural cravings.


Given the popularity of Nottingham as a city destination, there is an incredibly wide variety of places to stay overnight. With options such as Mama's Inn Boutique Guest House and the luxurious Restaurant Sat Bains, we're sure you'll find the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Nottingham seems to host an unending selection of bars and clubs. There are simply too many to choose from, though we can personally recommend 'Tilt' (for your cocktails) and 'Boilermaker' (for your quirks). It is also worth visiting the incredible 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem', England's oldest inn!

Get creative

Consider checking out the Hockley Arts Market, and if computers are your thing then head over to the UK's first cultural centre for videogames - the National Videogame Arcade in Hockley.


Nottingham is home to many hundreds of restaurants, but La Rock, World Service, and Restaurant Sat Bains are highly recommended.

For the lateral thinkers among you, pay a visit to Logiclock, Escapologic or Cryptology - you'll be glad you did!

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