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GroupRail to Leeds

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GroupRail to Leeds for a delightful city break. Big and bustling, there is always something to do.

However, Leeds also offers beautiful parks and green spaces for you to regroup and relax.


Inject education into your visit by heading on down to Leeds city museum or the Thackray medical museum, for a more specific taste. *Not for the squeamish.


Take a trip to the Leeds town hall. Book a tour or watch a gig in this beautifully traditional town hall which always has something going on. Oh and you can even get married at this gorgeous venue - though they may not be so keen on the whole last minute thing.


Leeds has its very own opera house so if you’re feeling fancy head on down. If ballet is more your thing, catch the local talent the northern ballet.

Explore the Outdoors

Leeds has some fabulous parks and walks, so go green! You won’t regret a trip to the enormous Roundhay park or the beautiful (though slightly out of town) Kirkstall Abbey.

Art it Up

Leeds has various art collections housed in the Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore institute to name but a few.


Leeds has a huge range of eateries on hand, so whatever food you fancy, Leeds has it all.


The nightlife in Leeds is nothing less than buzzing. However you like to spend your evenings, be it grabbing a cocktail or watching a band, Leeds has somewhere for you.


Shopping in Leeds is absolute heaven. Named as the best shopping destination in the U.K by the rough guide to Britain (according to visit Leeds) Leeds has an on point shopping centre, a huge range of independents and a fabulous arcade.

To conclude: Leeds is lovely.

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