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  1. About Grouprail
  2. Trustworthy profile
  3. Searching a group
  4. Group status
  5. Group information
  6. Group chat
  7. Community badges (coming soon)
  8. Train time & Ticket information
  9. Group save information
  10. User safety

1. About Grouprail

What does the GroupRail website do?

The GroupRail site connects individuals with others travelling the same train journey.

Why use the GroupRail website?

The GroupRail site allows you to socialise with others who are travelling the same routes and gives the chance to try and save money while you’re at it! We like to think it can sometimes be a win-win situation.

How do I use GroupRail?

Simply sign up through Facebook and create a profile. Then search for a journey to join or create a group. When you’re in a group you’ll enter a private chat.

Am I guaranteed to save a 1/3 if I travel in a group of three?

As in life, there are no guarantees you will get a discount on every train journey even when travelling in a three. This is because different train operators offer different discounts at different times from different destinations… all very complicated.

However, generally speaking travelling in a group of three or above does entitle you to a saving of up to 1/3 on the Off-Peak and Super-Off-Peak train fares on the current routes.


Why do I need to create a profile?

All users are required to create a profile so that you can decide who want to travel with and to build a trustworthy network. All of the details of your profile are used for safety reasons, to ensure you are not a robot!

Do I have to include a profile picture?

It is advised that you do upload a profile picture otherwise you won’t be able to recognise the people you are going to travel with when it comes to meeting up! This also encourages a trustworthy atmosphere.


How do I search a group?

You can search a group at anytime, simply enter the ‘from’ and ‘to’ destinations and select the date you wish to find a group. Alter the time window to select the timeframe for your travel.

Why isn’t my closest station listed?

Currently, we are only running the GroupRail platform on certain routes, so not all UK stations are available. However, we are keen to expand as soon as possible so keep posted for updates!

Why can I only join groups a week in advance?

GroupRail encourage flexible and last-minute travelling therefore groups are only available a week in advance to reduce the likelihood of users dropping out.

What is a ‘Group Type’?

Single: You are only wanting to travel one way to a particular destination.

Return: You are travelling to and coming back to the same starting destination. This is automatically selected for each search journey.

Got tickets: You already have your ticket, so are using the site merely for the social element.

Rail card: You have a railcard so will not benefit others as a potential saver, but can join groups for the social element.

What do the search results mean?

If there are no matches for your group journey we recommend you either extend your journey timeframe or create a group for others to join.

If there are exact groups which match your group these will be displayed.

If there are similar groups which match your group these will also be displayed.


How do I know if I am in a group?

If you create your own group, on your home screen you will see that it will state ‘your group is pending.’

If you click on the messaging icon and then on the left of the page on the ‘group info’ you will see your journey details. Once people join the group you will also be able to see the other members. If you have joined someone else’s group, on home screen you will be able to see that it says your group is now in chat.


What is the Group Owner?

Group Owner is usually the first user to create the group, they will be the one who can edit the journey details and remove users from the group.

Can I remove users in our group?

The Group Owner holds the keys to who is allowed in the group or not. They are able to remove people from them group for bad behaviour without notice.

What happens if the ‘Group Owner’ leave the group?

If the Group Owner leaves the group then the next person to enter the group will take over as the new Group Owner.

Can I leave a group?

Users can leave a group at anytime but we advise you give a good reason for leaving last-minute so your group can try to find another user to connect with.

What happens if no one joins my group?

If no one joins your group, it may be that no one is travelling that journey within your time frame. We will do our best to post similar journeys to give you more flexible options to travel with others.

Can I join more than one group?

Users are only permitted to be part of one group at a time. If you want to join a different group you will have to leave your current group or swap groups. Do give notice to your groups if they are in Group Chat in order to give the users the opportunity to find other members to try and qualify for a saving.

How will I know if there are users own my group?

You will receive emails to notify you on your group information. Do check your emails to keep updated on new members and any time changes to the group.

What happens if someone in my group doesn’t turn up?

If someone in your group doesn’t turn up, they could merely be running late. You can use the group chat to ask where are they are.

In the unlikely event they make no contact, you can either carry on the journey with the rest of the group members or delay your travel time to find other group members.


What is Group Chat?

Group Chat is the private group chat where users introduce themselves and arrange to meet for their journey. We recommend you discuss what time you meet, where exactly you meet, the time of any trains you wish to take and if you are eligible to get a discount.

Group Chat Rules

There is no tolerance with rudeness, untrustworthiness or disrespectful behaviour to other GroupRail users on the platform.

If a person is reported or found to have acted in a way that breaches the Paystobesocial ‘reasonableness’ test, they will be removed and blocked from the site.

Paystobesocial reserves the rights to remove and block any GroupRail user.

What information should you give out in Group Chat?

Users are advised to only use the group chat to introduce each other and organise your travelling journeys. Be smart and do not give out overly personal details or financial information of any kind.

Monitoring Group Chat

Group Chats are monitored by Paystobesocial for the safety of the GroupRail users.

When will Group Chat close?

Group Chat will close 30 minutes after the group information states. The group owner may change this time to extend the group if users are running late.

7. COMMUNITY BADGES (coming soon)

What are the community badges and do I have to give one?

Community badges are completely optional but you must either award them or skip when rating. They are simply a way for you to reward USERS you travelled well with and allow other users to see their best qualities. However, there is no obligation.

Community badges give other users an idea of who you are and how trustworthy you have been using GroupRail.


How do I know which train to get?

We have left this totally up to you and your group, as you are the only ones who are going to know when you want to travel. To find out accurate journey times check on the National Rail website.

Can I buy my ticket through GroupRail?

GroupRail currently does not allow purchasing tickets through the platform however there are sites we recommend. However if a group has not already purchased tickets it is recommended that they investigate if they can save 1/3rd off their fare by paying together at the counter at the station.

Can I buy my ticket before I get to the station?

GroupRail user may have bought tickets prior to finding a group. ‘Group Type’ will inform you of the type of groups looking to meet up.

How do I purchase my ticket with my group?

In order to buy your ticket and get a group discount you will have to buy your tickets from the ticket office at the station. This will allow all members of your group to be able to pay separately.


Which train operating companies can I use this on?

In theory, you can use GroupRail on any train company in the UK or the world. We simply help you find a group.

However if you are looking for saving money then the Group Save deal does only apply to certain companies and lines.

What Train operating Companies (“OTC’s”) allow GroupSave for groups?

For information on GroupSave, please visit the National Rail Group Save Website

However do note, there are more train companies which offer Group discounts.

What times allow GroupSave for groups?

Most of the train operating companies offer GroupSave deals during Off-Peak and Super-Off-Peak trains. These times will depend on inbound and outbound to certain locations such as London.

There are certain days in the months where entire routes do not allow GroupSave which will appear on the National Rail Group Save Website


How are users kept safe?

GroupRail is a site where users will meet others and therefore we advise the highest level of caution by the users for their own safety. The site operates an over 18 years of age policy.

How do I report bad behaviour?

If you are experiencing or have experienced any behaviour from another Group Rail user do contact Paystobesocial at info@paystobesocial and we will investigate the complaint.

If you have another question please contact us:

Tweet us: @paystobesocial