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GroupRail to Birmingham

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GroupRail to Birmingham: Why go?

Perhaps the real question should be why not go?

The UK’s second biggest city (London, unsurprisingly being the first) is only two hours away from the capital and offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for shops or culture, gigs or fine dining, Birmingham has it all.


Birmingham boasts multiple shopping centres, as well as a bustling high street. What more could you ask for? All your major high street shops are covered, or if you prefer independent boutiques, look no further than The Great Western Arcade.


Walk around the city and see for yourself, or even join one of the many walking tours Birmingham has on offer.


Oh the choice! Birmingham attracts a ton of musicians, so there is a lot of music venues and artists to choose from. Jam at the Barclaycard arena or even at the Birmingham o2. For those who prefer a more intimate venue, look no further than your local pub. *Karaoke does not count as a gig.*


estival of quilts at the NEC, anyone? If you are more into traditional culture, go ahead and check out the multiple theatres or the array of art galleries. Also, don’t neglect the library- it is a sight to behold.


Time to show off your moves! For the biggest clubs in the centre of town, hit Broad Street! Student’s choice? Snobs and Sunflower.


If history is your thing, there are many museums in B-town. Get your education on over at Thinktank, Birmingham’s science museum or mix things up at the museum of the jewellery quarter. Go fourth and learn. Oh and for chocolate lover’s, hit up Cadbury World, still counts as history, right?

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